Elite level performance is the standard we set for ourselves as a team, and we aim to also serve you on your peak performance journey. This is why we’ve created a range of products geared towards peak performance in the short term while setting you up for recovery. Our all natural manuka honey-based energy sachets provide the ideal ratio of carbohydrates to fuel your performance along with enabling you to recover quicker from intense bouts of energy expenditure. This is due to the anti-inflammatory and immune boosting qualities of manuka honey making our sachets the apex performance AND recovery fuel available.  

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    What's Inside?

    A truly meaningful dose of fast releasing carbohydrates from the best natural source on the planet.

    Primed for Performance, Repaired for Recovery.

    100% Natural

    Our ingredients can be traced from beehive to sachet with no extra artificial ingredients added along the way.

    Made In Australia

    We are proudly 100% Australian sourced ensuring we use only the premium quality manuka honey and native bee propolis.

    Scientifically Tested

    Our ingredients have been verified and tested by independent research labs ensuring the quality of our products.

    The Science behind Honey fuelled performance

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