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Manuka Intensive Hand Creme

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Intesive Hand Cream
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Are Your Hands Crying Out for Some Care? Try Manuka Honey Hand Cream

Anyone who has an outdoor lifestyle or works outside knows the havoc the elements can wreak on your skin. If you regularly swim in the ocean, or enjoy a spot of sailing, your hands probably can testify to that. Farmers, horticulturalists, and any other person who works with their hands probably have hands which may suffer from dryness and cracking. To protect and nurture your hands from the elements you need a heavy-duty solution. Enter Nature’s Gold Manuka honey hand cream to the rescue! Read More

These days, our skin is crying out for hydration. Whether you work in an air-conditioned or heated office or spend a lot of time exposing your hands to chemicals, water or pollution, your hands are suffering. Inadequate hydration is a common modern-day issue with many people not drinking enough water. A lack of hydration can dehydrate the skin very rapidly – and one place this shows is on your hands. Hydration is only part of the solution though.

Manuka Intensive Hand Creme is a luxurious, nourishing hand creme - feels like putting silk on your hands.

Hand Cream with Manuka Honey is the Perfect Solution for Dry, Cracked Skin

An effective remedy to any hand woes you have is Nature’s Gold You’re in Good Hands hand cream trio. It contains a hand cream with Manuka honey – our Manuka Intensive Hand Cream – in a 150g dispenser. Your feet are not forgotten either with a Hand and Foot Scrub containing Manuka honey and mint. The final item in our trio is our Manuka Honey and Goats Milk Soap Bar (130g).

The Manuka Intensive Hand Cream is a deeply hydrating hand moisturiser with Manuka honey. Manuka honey has many medicinal properties for both internal and external use. When products containing this miraculous natural product are applied to the skin, they unleash the healing power of Manuka honey. These include antibacterial and antimicrobial agents which fight against infection and promote fast healing.

The first step when using our trio is to wash your hands thoroughly using the soap. Then gently exfoliate the hands with the scrub. Rinse and dry the hands well, then apply a generous layer of the hand cream and enjoy deeply hydrated and protected skin. Despite its deep moisturising action, it is not greasy and leaves your hands silky smooth. It can be used for all skin types but is especially beneficial for dry cracked hands.

What are the Manuka Hand Moisturiser's Secret Ingredients?

Well, the ingredients are not so secret, but we’d like to explain the benefits of the recipe for our Manuka hand moisturiser. Manuka honey is the main star of the ingredient list, with its powerful bacteria-fighting properties. It promotes healing and can help you maintain healthy skin. We’ve also added a range of botanicals and moisturising agents to make this the best Manuka honey hand care available. With Kakadu plum for its rich Vitamin C content and collagen-boosting properties, Vitamins B5 and E, emollients, naturally occurring waxes such as beeswax, cocoa butter and lemon aspen for its soothing quality, your hands will thank you. For spot treatments or when you need an extra boost of care, combine the Trio with Nature’s Gold Manuka Power Concentrated Ointment. This provides deep moisturising care for trouble spots such as hard skin or cracks.

Manuka Hand Cream: The Nature’s Gold Difference

There’s regular honey hand cream and then there’s Nature’s Gold Manuka hand cream. Don’t be confused by the two. Our hand cream has been formulated and created right here in Australia by Manuka honey experts. We understand the difference that Manuka honey’s antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties can bring to the humble hand cream. The active ingredients contained within this special honey will not only protect and repair your skin but protect it from further damage.

To make our Manuka honey hand cream extra special, we add in a number of natural ingredients, including Vitamin C-rich Kakadu Plum, Vitamin B5, Vitamin E, natural beeswax, cocoa butter, botanical extracts and natural silicones to boost collagen, brighten the skin and provide an effective barrier to preserve the moisture in your skin.

All the Manuka honey products from Nature’s Gold, including our Manuka hand cream, have been created with love. We have a passion for all things Manuka and pride ourselves on being experts on the subject. All our Manuka comes directly from beekeepers here in Australia and is made by bees that frequent the native Leptospermum Scoparium bushes (tea tree).

Buy from Nature’s Gold Today for the Best Manuka Honey Hand Care

When you buy honey hand cream from us, you’ll experience the Nature’s Gold difference. We pride ourselves on producing the very best Manuka honey products from Queensland to make our customers’ lives and health better. For high MGO Manuka honey, shop at Nature’s Gold now. Read Less

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