We combine premium manuka honey and other high performance natural ingredients to create health and wellbeing products that are nourishing and effective.

Nature’s Gold products are inspired by our founder’s quest to help her friends tackle their health ailments with natural sources backed by science. We’ve created a suite of products that are pure, safe and effective for all to enjoy.

100% Natural

Made In Australia

Scientifically Tested


As a hard working mother who suffered from eczema our founder Jill Richards understands how difficult it can be for someone to find a natural cure for their health issues that is both simple and effective.

Jill became determined to find a simple, natural solution to remedy eczema and other skin related issues. Driven by the belief in the science behind natural solutions Jill discovered the properties of manuka honey and started to experiment.

Since 2005, Jill has invented a comprehensive line of natural, simple and effective products that go straight to the heart of her customers problems. She expanded this out over 18 years and the rest is history!


At Nature’s Gold, we believe that everyone deserves to be healthy. We believe in creating “Blue Zones” across the world protecting and enhancing that fundamental need.

We harness the powers of both science and nature to create health products that are innovative, effective and simple to understand. We want to put you in a position to be at your best today while setting you up for success far into the future.


Nature’s Gold philosophies are rooted in Jill Richards approach to life . For over 40 years Jill has focused on protecting her family and finding ways to keep them healthy and happy.

Using Nature’s Gold products as a medium, our philosophy is to spread this maternal care to as wide of a group as possible. Jill has set the foundation through her values and actions and we as a team will carry this torch on.

People have a mission but they leave a legacy. At Nature’s Gold we know we are standing on the shoulders of giants and we will carry the torch, helping people along the way with tried and trusted natural solutions for everyday issues setting them up for success in their own personal lives.


High performance is important to us. We believe in the potential of every person and we want to be part of their own personal journey to success.

We love to give our partners the tools to confront their healthcare needs and fuel them to take on the audacious goals in their lives.

Through safe and effective natural products we fuel them for success for both the present and future.