Natural Treatment For Burns, Scalds & Wound Care

Nature's Gold Therapeutic Skin Cream and MANUKA POWER Concentrated Ointment offers a totally natural treatment for minor burns and scalds. Active Manuka Honey 20+ and 15+ are both highly effective in controlling infections, which often develop from burns and scalds. It lubricates and softens the affected areas, reduces the pain and burning sensation and allows the wound to heal without blistering. Manuka Honey is hydroscopic in that it attracts moisture and keeps the affected areas moist and supple.

What is a burn?

'Burn' is a broader term than many think. Burns can be thermal (from extremes of heat or cold, fire steam or hot liquids), chemical (such as acid) or radiant (sunburn, X-rays or artificial ultraviolet rays from a tanning booth). Burns can be classified as First, Second and Third Degree. The burn's depth and the extent of tissue damage determine the classification.

First Degree Burns are the most shallow. They involve only the outer layer of skin which is the epidermis. These burns usually appear red and swollen. There is no blistering with first-degree burns and they usually heal within 3-6 days without permanent scarring.

Second Degree Burns extend into the middle layer of skin called the dermis. Blistering usually occurs with second-degree burns which are red in colour. However, a deep second-degree burn may appear white in colour and the blisters may ooze a clear fluid. They usually heal in 10-21 days but maybe associated with significant scarring.

Third Degree Burns involve all three layers of skin – the epidermis, dermis and fat layer – usually destroying the sweat glands, hair follicles and nerve endings. Because the nerves have been destroyed, these burns are not painful. No blisters develop. The appearance and symptoms of deep burns can worsen during the first hours or even days after the burn.


BEFORE (burn to arm)           AFTER using Therapeutic Skin Cream

What can be done to prevent Burns?

  • have smoke alarms installed in your home;
  • make sure a fire extinguisher is available in your home;
  • supervise children closely when near heaters or open fireplaces;
  • turn the handles of pots and pans toward the side of the stove, or use the back burners of the stove. Don't let small children play near the stove or help you cook at the stove;
  • don't wear clothing with long, loose sleeves when you are cooking;
  • set your water heater at 45 degrees centigrade or less;
  • ensure your child's clothing is inflammable;
  • to prevent electrical burns, put covers on any electrical outlets that are within children's reach;
  • before putting a child less than 1 year old into a car seat, touch the seat to see how hot it is. Hot seat-belt straps or buckles can cause partial-thickness burns (second-degree burns) on small children. Cover the car seat with a towel when you park in the sun;
  • always wear sunscreen with outdoors.

Treatment for Burns

Before burns are treated, the burning agent must be stopped from inflicting further damage, e.g. fires are extinguished or clothing, especially if it is smouldering, is immediately removed. For superficial minor burns take note of the following:

  • immediately immerse in cool water. (Ice should be avoided as it has been associated with frostbite). If done within the first minute or so, cold water immersion for up to 30 minutes can reduce both the total area involved and the depth of the burn.
  • If there is a blister and it is intact, leave it alone! The skin underneath the blister is actually healing while the blister protects it from further damage and infection.
  • Once the burn has been carefully cleaned, apply Nature's Gold Therapeutic Skin Cream or Manuka Power Concentrated Ointment. The anti-bacterial properties of the cream will prevent infection and the Manuka Honey will accelerate the healing process by stimulating tissue regeneration.
  • Seek medical advice for the treatment of more serious burns.

Geoff's story....

"While making a cup of coffee I accidentally passed my arm over the spout of a boiling kettle. The resulting scald was extremely painful. I immediately ran cold water over the affected skin area and then applied a liberal amount of Nature's Gold Therapeutic Skin Cream.

Within 6 hours the pain had greatly diminished and the burn area was so noticeably less apparent that I could hardly believe it! I will highly recommend your product to everybody I know. It is the best thing to a miracle."

Geoff, New South Wales

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