Authentic Manuka Honey by Nature’s Gold

Inspired by celebrities across social media, Manuka Honey or it’s ‘similar’ counterparts come in many different forms. Despite its rise to fame, there are many non-genuine Manuka Honey products available. Finding a ‘real' manuka honey that has the essential anti-bacterial properties can be extremely difficult to navigate.

You may have noticed in your search for the perfect healing and skin-care honey, that there is a battle amongst the bees. More particularly their special diet. For too long the industry has been researching the authenticity of the Australian species of Leptospermum scoparium. This diet makes Manuka Honey truly stand out among commercialised honey brands internationally. We are delighted to be backed by research and continue bringing you Australia made, 100% Raw Manuka Honey.

How can you tell if it is real Manuka Honey?

Brands can often throw around the word ‘Manuka’, however there are vast differences from a genuine product to an artificial one. The key is in tradition and the native plants that the bees take their nectar from.

The Leptospermum scoparium species is over a thousand years old. This rare native plant is found on the east coast of Australia and New Zealand. We are fortunate in Australia to have over 80 species of Leptospermum offering different levels of medicinal properties to make our exceptional product.

There have been years of research and development to hypothesize whether Australia can also offer Manuka Honey. Researchers have not only proven that both lands can produce authentic Manuka Honey, but some of our Australian species can go one step further and offer exceptionally high antibacterial properties, not available from New Zealand.


There are so many acronyms to protect Nature’s Gold and our genuine Manuka Honey. Not all offer real Manuka Honey. Some brands, particularly commercial honey brands are often contaminated throughout the mass-production phase and therefore lose the much needed natural chemicals found in MGO rated honey.

The Scientific Facts

In Australia, the Australian Manuka Honey Association (AMHA) has done the hard work for us. As a consumer, when you see the AMHA logo, you can be sure it has gone through rigorous testing to guarantee its authenticity.

In order to claim the AMHA endorsement, Nature’s Gold Manuka Honey products had to meet the minimum required standard as outlined by AMHA1, including;

  • Methylglyoxal (MGO) ≥ 85 mg/kg
  • Dihydroxyacetone (DHA) ≥ 170 mg/kg
  • Leptosperin ≥ 50 mg/kg

You may see Unique Manuka Factor or UMF as it is commonly seen on packaging in New Zealand. This is New Zealand’s grading system in order to set a benchmark for Manuka Honey produced locally. In Australia, we refer to MGO.

To help you figure it all out we have included some of our most popular products and their conversions across the different commonly known ratings.

Range MGO Rating NPA Rating UMF Rating

Raw Range

100% Raw Australian Manuka Honey

MGO 83 NPA 5+ UMF 5

Raw Range

100% Raw Australian Manuka Honey

MGO 263 NPA 10+ UMF 10

Premium Range

100% Raw Australian Manuka Honey

MGO 1000+ NPA 22+ UMF 22

Premium Range

100% Raw Australian Manuka Honey

MGO 1250+ NPA 25+ UMF 25+