Australian Manuka Honey Medicinal Strength

Finally, the honey. That magical honey. WOW. I have long heard the benefits of taking manuka honey, but was a a bit of skeptic. Also, I find that the labelling we have towards this honey in Australia is very tricky and often misleading, and when I tried one brand that said something about 250 on it, I thought it must be the best, but after a little more research discovered that the 250 was a different kind of scale, and was in fact a very VERY low grade of honey. I have been taking the 22+ fairly regularly in the past few months and have had amazing results. Most notable, because I am a group fitness instructor, my throat is the first thing to go when I am getting sick and because of this I am susceptible to lots of throat infection type things, and the fact that i also work with germy children (yes i have a few jobs, i am a jack of all trades), I am often ill. Well this manuka honey has absolutely floored me in its ability to actually heal sore throats. I have had numerous occasions in the past couple of months (more than the average person) where i have woken up with a sore throat, and usually this would develop into a full on cold, knocking me out for a few days. However, at the first sign of these sore throats, i have been taking extra spoonfuls of honey, and by the evening, and certainly the next day the throat has been better if not gone completely, and i have (touch wood) so far avoided colds. In fact, on that note, I am going to take a spoonful now.