Manuka Honey & Peanut Butter Ghostly Bites

Manuka Honey & Peanut Butter Ghostly Bites

Makes approx 15

2/3 cup Peanut Butter
1 cup rolled oats
4 Tbsp Sesame Seeds
½ cup Chocolate chips
2 Tbsp Manuka Honey (any strength is fine in this recipe as the honey is not heated)

To decorate:
200 g white chocolate
candy eyeballs

1.  Add the peanut butter, oats, sesame seeds, honey and chocolate chips into a bowl and mix until fully combined.

  1. Refrigerate the mixture for 30 mins.
  2. Take heaped tsps of the mixture and roll into balls, and for every 1 ball take another ½ tsp of mixture to create a cube (Foot) for the ball to sit on.  (See photo below.)  Do this with all of the mixture.  Place the ghosts back in the fridge for another 15 to 30 minutes.
  3. Melt the white chocolate in small batches and pour over the top of the ghosts. Once the chocolate just starts to set,  add the candy eyes.  Place the ghosts back in the fridge to firm up.   


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