Discover the benefits of Australian Manuka Honey

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The world is buzzing about the amazing benefits of Australian Manuka honey. And now you can too, thanks to our affordable and natural Manuka honey skincare products.

Our Therapeutic Skin Cream has been formulated using MGO 514 as its active ingredient. This product can be used for eczema, dermatitis, minor burns and scratches and very dry skin. Our Manuka Power Conc. ointment also has MGO 514 as its active ingredient. Our cosmetic range of products all have included Australian Manuka Honey and Australian Bush Botanicals to make for smooth, soft, easily absorbed creams/lotions/spritzers.

Australian Manuka Honey is just so good for your skin – soothes and calms skin and is highly moisturising.

Our all natural Australian Made skincare range evolved from just one product – Therapeutic Skin Cream – TGA listed, which was formulated to help fight eczema, dermatitis, rashes, minor burns and wounds and dry skin. It was a hit! And our happy customers were soon asking for more. In response, we gradually started adding to our range, creating a variety of natural, easy to use, gentle daily creams so that everyone could benefit from using powerful Australian Manuka honey.

Today, we have many skincare and natural therapeutic products on the market, and we continue to expand our range and distribution. We are proud of everything Nature’s Gold represents: natural, Australian made, good value skincare that gets results. And we are sure you will love it to.

At Nature’s Gold, we work hard to bring you a special blend of ingredients that work in harmony with each other. In addition to our signature Australian Manuka honey, our products include vitamins, minerals, Jojoba Oil and Australian bush botanicals such as Lilly Pilly, Quandong and Kakadu Plum. All chosen for their amazing natural properties.

Our AUSTRALIAN 100% MANUKA HONEY is harvested from the East Coast of Australia and each batch is independently tested at the Sunshine Coast University, Queensland.

To help you choose the best Nature’s Gold products for your skin, we have a handy “help for your skin” chart. You may also like to read more and discover the benefits of Australian Manuka Honey for yourself.


Nature’s Gold is a proud supporter of the Eczema Association of Australasia

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