Manuka Face and Body Scrub, Spritzer, Night Cream, Eye Serums with Australian Manuka Honey

Special mention goes to the Face and Body Scrub, the spritzer and the night cream and eye serum, which are wonderful in their own right, but for me, compared to the above mentioned just aren’t as fabulous, although its a bit like comparing apples and oranges i know.  Again they are all gentle yet effective, aren’t harsh and stripping, greasy or sticky and smell lovely. i found the scrub a little difficult to get out of the tube the way it is packaged, but i take the lid right off, and pour it into my hand to get enough and that has worked for me. I am a bit of a greenie, and hate how we still have face scrubs that contain plastic bits in them on shelves, so to know this product does the same thing, yet without damaging the environment is a big plus for me.  I love the convenient packaging of the cleaner, where a few squirts of the lid is ample, and the eye serum which rolls straight on! I must say i am young enough and lucky enough not to have many eye wrinkles to say it has had much effect, but I’m sure its helping further wrinkles developing!