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Manuka Power Ointment MGO 514


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  • Unleash Nature's Miracle - Manuka Power Ointment for Superior Skin Treatment!

Natural Ingredients

Our Manuka Power Ointment is a testament to purity. With 30% Manuka Honey Active 15+ and a blend of Australian Bush Botanicals, it's free from fillers and artificial additives. It's nature's own formula, designed to bring out the best in your skin.

Your Comprehensive Skincare Solution

Manuka Power Ointment - MGO 514 is not just for acute skin issues; it's a daily ally for maintaining and enhancing skin health. Whether it's a persistent condition like eczema or a sudden flare-up, this ointment is your go-to for skin wellness.

Boost Your Skin's Natural Defense

Beyond treatment, our ointment strengthens your skin's natural defenses, preparing it to better withstand environmental stressors and irritants. It's the shield your skin needs to stay resilient and healthy.

Fast-Acting Relief, Long-Term Results

Feel the immediate comfort it brings to irritated skin, and witness the lasting benefits as it works to restore and maintain your skin's natural vitality.

Safe for All Skin Types

Formulated for inclusivity, Manuka Power Ointment - MGO 514 is suitable for every skin type, providing a gentle yet potent care routine for everyone.

Eco-Friendly and Sustainable

Choosing our ointment means supporting sustainable practices. Nature's Gold prides itself on eco-friendly operations, from ethical beekeeping to biodegradable packaging.

See where our Australian Manuka Honey comes from