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Nature’s Gold lilac tinted lip balm
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Nature’s Gold plum tinted lip balm
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Nature’s Gold tinted lip balm lilac - stroke
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Manuka Honey Lip Balm

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Oh So Kissable – the Beauty of Manuka Honey Lip Balm

What could be better than a luxurious, silky lip balm to keep your lips in tip-top condition? Manuka Honey lip balm! The healing power of lip balm with Manuka honey will help protect your lips from dryness and the elements, with the active microbial and antibacterial properties of pure high-grade mgo Manuka honey. Each of our amazing lip balms also includes green tea extract, lavender tea tree and macadamia oil for the health benefits they offer. We make arguably the best Manuka honey lip balm in Australia with thousands of happy customers. Read More

The Difference of Lip Balm with Manuka Honey

Our lip balm with Manuka honey is a naturally inspired product, and we have carefully selected the ingredients to pair with our high-grade Manuka honey to create a little pot of decadence. Along with ingredients from the beauty product industry, we have chosen key botanicals to complement the magical properties of Manuka honey. We have included lavender tea tree oil which, along with the 15% by volume Manuka honey, offers excellent microbial protection, keeping your lips healthy from infection. Manuka honey together with oils and liquid extracts keep your lips plump and softly hydrated, eliminating flakiness and dry patches. The richness of macadamia oil and green tea wax will deeply moisturise your lips, leaving them glossy. This lip balm is excellent for those who might suffer from dry or cracked lips, as the natural elements within it will promote faster healing and protect against future issues. Manuka lip moisturiser is the natural way to keep your lips healthy

Manuka Honey Lip Balm for Luscious Lips

Manuka honey is well known to have antibacterial and antimicrobial properties and your lips can benefit from this incredible power. Lips can be prone to infections, becoming dry and chapped or generally sore. Lips are sensitive and require some TLC now and then.

Nature’s Gold Manuka honey lip balm gives your lips the TLC

Using honey lip balm every day helps you fight off infections before they cause problems. Manuka honey is also hydrating, full of enzymes and antioxidants, that take care of your lips whilst looking good. Manuka lip balm is amazing for taking care of chapped lips. So, whether you’re out in the heat or the cold, your Manuka lip balm keeps your lips soft and smooth.

There is a wide range of honey lip balms on the market, but some are full of unpronounceable, synthetic ingredients that are bad for your skin in the long term. Some of those chemicals might even cause your lips to become more dry and chapped. Rather than hydrating the skin, they evaporate and dehydrate causing lip-related issues to get worse.

With Nature’s Gold manuka honey lip balm, you’re getting a luxurious lip balm at affordable prices. They’ve been quality checked with 100% satisfaction guaranteed. On top of that, our products are certified cruelty free and are not tested on animals and our lip balm is available in 2 colours Sheer plum and Sheer Lilac.

Honey Lip Balms with a Tint

For the best in Manuka honey lip care, you can’t do better than Nature’s Gold. What’s even more alluring about our lip balm range is that we have created a range of tinted lip balms. Perfect when you don’t want to wear lipstick (which can be very drying) or when you just want a naturally enhanced look. Our lip balm with Manuka honey comes in two delectable shades – plum and lilac. The lilac is a fabulous deep dusky pink, whereas the plum has all those dark, rich overtones you would expect. We sell this fantastic Manuka honey lip care as individual pots or in combo deals, so check out what’s available below.

When you buy an Australian Manuka honey lip balm from us, you are supporting a local family-led company in Queensland. From our base in Taringa, our director oversees the entire production of Manuka honey – from collecting the honey from our own hives, to processing and testing for levels of active properties right through to packaging and distribution. When you buy Nature’s Gold, you know as the consumer, that you are getting high-grade authentic Manuka honey. There are many products which claim to be lip care with genuine Manuka honey, but sadly are not. With Nature’s Gold, you know you are getting what you have paid for – we pride ourselves on our reputation. So, shop today from your local Melbourne Manuka honey for the best range of Manuka beauty products, health supplements and genuine 100% pure Manuka honey. You will never look back! Read Less

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