Ointment - Manuka Power with Australian Manuka Honey

I have to say, all the products are FABULOUS! What I love about them in general is that they are so gentle, yet so effective, and i love that they don’t contain nasty/harsh chemicals.


My favourite product hands down, is the Ointment. Is there anything it can’t fix? I have used it on insect bites. I am super allergic to mosquitos and come up in welts and the ointment is a gentle/non chemical way to soothe and help them heal fast. I use it on dermatitis, cuts, chapped lips and find it soothes instantly, and within a couple of days have excellent results. As i work with animals i sometimes get the odd scratch and the ointment heals that so quickly too. I love the soothing lavender smell, and just can’t believe how quickly it fixes things. I have since bought a few tubes and have given them to friends who are also raving about it. One in particular who suffers from finger nails that split in winter (she is a scientist and is always in the lab thus washing hands etc a lot) and she told me that the ointment had her bleeding cracked finger tips sorted by the next day.