All the products are FABULOUS

I have to say, all the products are FABULOUS! What I love about them in general is that they are so gentle, yet so effective, and i love that they don’t contain nasty/harsh chemicals.


My favourite product hands down, is the Ointment. Is there anything it can’t fix? I have used it on insect bites. I am super allergic to mosquitos and come up in welts and the ointment is a gentle/non chemical way to soothe and help them heal fast. I use it on dermatitis, cuts, chapped lips and find it soothes instantly, and within a couple of days have excellent results. As i work with animals i sometimes get the odd scratch and the ointment heals that so quickly too. I love the soothing lavender smell, and just can’t believe how quickly it fixes things. I have since bought a few tubes and have given them to friends who are also raving about it. One in particular who suffers from finger nails that split in winter (she is a scientist and is always in the lab thus washing hands etc a lot) and she told me that the ointment had her bleeding cracked finger tips sorted by the next day.


I love the hand cream and this is a big deal for me, because traditionally, i HATE hand creams. People seem to always gift them to me, and I never use them. Some people hate the sound of finger nails on a blackboard, well that is how i feel about hand cream, but the natures gold hand cream is divine. A little goes a long way, and I get instant relief from sore hands. As i mentioned before, working with animals (and at the gym) means I am constantly washing my hands or covering them in drying sanitiser. I find if i put some on when i go to bed, the next day my hands are baby soft. And the smell is subtle enough to be pleasant without being offensive.  It is not greasy, yet very nourishing. Its FAB!


The therapeutic skin cream is also divine, I am also not really one for putting things on my face, I just don’t like the feeling of sticky greasy things on my face and body, but this cream sinks in so beautifully, without being greasy or sticky, yet really soothing and nourishing. Again i find the next morning, I have excellent results with dry skin.


The cleanser is fantastic. It basically leaves my skin feeling squeaky clean, without stripping it of natural oils, thus being a perfect cleanser.  I hate how chemical filled cleansers seem to just take everything out of my skin and smell like, well , chemicals. This stuff is really great.


Special mention goes to the Face and Body Scrub, the spritzer and the night cream and eye serum, which are wonderful in their own right, but for me, compared to the above mentioned just aren’t as fabulous, although its a bit like comparing apples and oranges i know.  Again they are all gentle yet effective, aren’t harsh and stripping, greasy or sticky and smell lovely. i found the scrub a little difficult to get out of the tube the way it is packaged, but i take the lid right off, and pour it into my hand to get enough and that has worked for me. I am a bit of a greenie, and hate how we still have face scrubs that contain plastic bits in them on shelves, so to know this product does the same thing, yet without damaging the environment is a big plus for me.  I love the convenient packaging of the cleaner, where a few squirts of the lid is ample, and the eye serum which rolls straight on! I must say i am young enough and lucky enough not to have many eye wrinkles to say it has had much effect, but I’m sure its helping further wrinkles developing!


I have been lucky enough to try the shampoo and conditioner too, and with my fine straight hair, i find the conditioner leaves my hair a little greasy, but again i LOVE the gentle cleansing nature of these products which again do not strip hair, and of course smell delicious. (I think its pomegranate? YUM!) If you are used to chemical shampoos, you may take a while to get used the fact it doesn’t foam up so much, but for my short hair, I don’t really mind. I have also been using MooGoo shampoo and conditioner for several months now, and I really really liked it, apart from the smell, which is, kind of creamy/milky of course and kind of sickly to me. I much prefer the fruity smell of the Natures Gold, but am not 100% convinced about the conditioner yet, but in saying that, I still prefer to use it over chemical laden commercial conditioner. 


The konjac sponge baffled me a bit at first, but now i Love it. It is SO gentle, and effective, and i love that it is a natural product. I find it really useful in getting make up off too.


Finally, the honey. That magical honey. WOW. I have long heard the benefits of taking manuka honey, but was a a bit of skeptic. Also, I find that the labelling we have towards this honey in Australia is very tricky and often misleading, and when I tried one brand that said something about 250 on it, I thought it must be the best, but after a little more research discovered that the 250 was a different kind of scale, and was in fact a very VERY low grade of honey. I have been taking the 22+ fairly regularly in the past few months and have had amazing results. Most notable, because I am a group fitness instructor, my throat is the first thing to go when I am getting sick and because of this I am susceptible to lots of throat infection type things, and the fact that i also work with germy children (yes i have a few jobs, i am a jack of all trades), I am often ill. Well this manuka honey has absolutely floored me in its ability to actually heal sore throats. I have had numerous occasions in the past couple of months (more than the average person) where i have woken up with a sore throat, and usually this would develop into a full on cold, knocking me out for a few days. However, at the first sign of these sore throats, i have been taking extra spoonfuls of honey, and by the evening, and certainly the next day the throat has been better if not gone completely, and i have (touch wood) so far avoided colds. In fact, on that note, I am going to take a spoonful now.

 I am so glad I was able to use these products, and am definitely a convert, so thank you.   

Thanks again, and keep up the great work Nature’s Gold team!