Peanut Butter, Manuka And Banana Tortilla

Peanut Butter, Manuka And Banana Tortilla

Ingredients (makes 1 tortilla)
1 Tortilla
1  large banana, chopped into slices
2 Tbsp Peanut Butter
Manuka honey MGO 30

1.  Place the Tortilla on a board and make a cut from the centre to the right hand side of the tortilla where the 3 would be on a clockface.
2.  Cover the whole left hand side of the tortilla with banana slices and drizzle with Manuka honey.
3.  Fold the flap of the lower right hand side tortilla to the left, and smear peanut butter over it and also add peanut butter to the top right section. (see photo)

4. Now fold the top right over to the left, you should be left with a semi circle.  Then fold once again to make a triangle.
5.  Place in a toasted sandwich maker and cook until brown, or alternatively  lightly butter a  frypan and turn once to ensure both sides are browned.  (This would also work in an air fryer.)

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