Manuka Cream & Mango Easter Eggs

Manuka Cream & Mango Easter Eggs

Ingredients – Cream
400ml Thickened Cream
70g White Chocolate – grated
Manuka Honey to Taste (1 Tbsp or we used 2 Honey pouches)

Ingredients – Jelly
1 pkt Mango Jelly crystals

Ingredients – Mango Coulis
425g Fresh or tinned mango
45g Soft Icing mixture
2 tsp lemon juice
1 Tbsp juice from the tinned mango or water.

12 Hollow Easter Eggs – (the size of a normal egg.)

Method :
1.  Make the jelly in advance, as per the instructions on the packet.
2.  Coulis: Add all the ingredients into a blender and blitz until smooth.  Refrigerate until ready to use.
3.  Manuka Cream:  Whip the cream with an electric mixer until stiff.  Fold through the grated white chocolate and the Manuka Honey.  Place into a piping bag ready to pipe into the eggs.
4.  Easter Eggs:  Carefully cut the top off each egg and place in an egg carton for easy assembly.

To Assemble:
1.  Pipe a layer of the cream into each egg, followed by some jelly and then the mango coulis.  Pipe a final layer of the cream into the egg and then add a round dollop of the coulis to resemble the yolk.
2.  Keep refrigerated until you are ready to eat.

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