The Best Tasting Australian Manuka Honey

The Best Tasting Australian Manuka Honey

At Natures Gold, we source the best organic Manuka honey from local Australian hives. We rely on our bees to produce the highly active honey used in all our products from our therapeutic skincare to the straight medicinal Manuka sold by the jar.

Some of our Manuka honey comes from the Byron Bay region where the bees are collecting nectar from the highly active Leptospermum (Manuka) bushes. This nectar is taken to the hives where the Manuka Honey is produced and every time we collect the Manuka, each batch must be lab tested to determine its activity and how potent its active enzymes are.

To be classed as therapeutic, Manuka honey must have an NPA rating of 10+. The higher the NPA number, the higher the antibacterial activity and the more beneficial the honey will be for your health. Every batch we receive is different depending on what the busy little bees have been up to. However for the first time, our bees got a bit adventurous and have taken some Mahogany nectar from nearby trees and combined it with the highly active Leptospermum. What they have produced is a very rare, very special Active Manuka Honey with a rich, creamy and absolutely delicious taste.

Manuka honey has a very distinctive taste which can be quite strong. However, the mahogany nectar has infused the Manuka honey to produce a one of a kind honey unlike any other Manuka honey in the world. Infact, our Byron Bay Manuka Mahogany blend tastes so good, it was entered into the NSW Bangalow Show and won the Best Tasting Honey!

The rarity of this honey has made it extremely limited. Also coming from the beautiful Byron Bay region, our organic 100% Australian Manuka Honey has proved to be in high demand with our loyal customers and Byron locals. We were hoping these special little bees would continue to adventure among the Mahogany trees and that we might just get that one in a million batch again. Tragically our one batch of this prize winning blend may be the only one; at least for for now.

In early February a bushfire tore through the area wiping out 48 of the 50 hives full of Manuka Honey. The fire came through at night so the bees stood no chance of escaping. The honey in our local headquarters is all that remains of this precious little colony while the beekeepers tend to the survivors. It highlights how fragile these little hard working bees are and how precious their golden Manuka honey is. Natures Gold is constantly working with local Australian beekeepers to discover the best way to ensure our bees future and discovering new unique uses for the medicinal Manuka Honey our hives produce.

We've had some beautiful product photography done of our Manuka Mahogany Blend, and you can purchase a jar of this special honey directly through our website. The special edition Byron Bay Manuka Mahogany Blend will be available while stocks last as supply is very limited.

Please share with us what you think of our prize winning honey so we can share it with our beloved beekeepers who were so proud to be recognised at the Bangalow show. We would love to lift the spirits of those who are at present, carefully trying to restore the Byron Bay region’s bee colony to its former self.

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