Come and visit the Hives.

Come and visit the Hives.

The most important part of Nature's Gold are of course our beautiful bees. 

To be able to provide only the best quality honey, our beekeepers follow strict protocol and have the utmost respect for these amazing little creatures.

NO BEES are harmed in the harvesting of the honey from the hives and measures are taken to ensure that the bees are safe and free from contamination.

This video was filmed on one of Jill's visits to the hives in the beautiful Sunshine Coast in Queensland.

The steps that our beekeepers take to ensure that we have healthy, happy bees are as follows:

1.  The empty frames and boxes are covered so that there is no cross contamination, which is good Biosecurity practice.

2.  The beekeepers produce their own Queens.  The Queen bee lives for about 12 months.  The dates are written on the box when the Queen bee dies and is replaced with one of his own.  Doing this also ensures that there is no contamination or disease brought into the hive.

3.  All hive boxes are numbered.  When the beekeeper "robs" a hive of honey only the same numbered boxes go back into the stack to avoid cross contamination and disease.

4.  The smoker contains paper bark which is local to the area, this calms the bees down.  This is a way to sustainably re-use the bark that sheds from the trees.  The smell of the smoke is familiar to the bees as it comes from the surrounding trees.

5.  Each corner of the hive has a hole which allows the bees to drop down to the bottom hive.  Once the hive is empty of bees the beekeeper can harvest the honey. You can see this in the video below.


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