Honey for hydration

Honey for hydration

The importance of staying hydrated

Our body, if it does not get enough water will not function properly and if left untreated it can be dangerous. Slight dehydration may lead to headaches, dizziness, lack of sleep, poor memory or lack of concentration, dry mouth which can lead to dental issues or even premature ageing of the skin, just to name a few.

More severe problems if dehydration persists can be kidney and organ failure, heart issues, seizures, and lack of consciousness.

To avoid dehydration try and get into the habit of drinking water regularly - aim for 6-8 glasses a day.  Eat foods such as fruits and vegetables that are also high in water content, and do not wait until you are thirsty to drink, by this stage you are already starting to get a little dehydrated.

Honey for hydration:

Adding Manuka Honey to your water is beneficial for so many reasons.

1.  It can help control acid reflux It produces an antioxidant called glutathione, which fights free radicals, thus reducing or preventing cell damage in the digestive tract. Honey can also stimulate the regrowth of tissues on the sphincter and reduces the chances of acid reflux.

2.  It may help curb cravings for sweets, perfect if you are trying to lose weight or are watching your sugar intake.

3.  It can be helpful during allergy season as Manuka Honey has strong antimicrobial activity that is shown to be effective against bacteria, Staphylococcus aureus (S. aureus), which is associated with atopic diseases, including allergic rhinitis.

4. It can help with constipation or IBS symptoms  Manuka Honey is a natural probiotic and is rich in friendly bacteria which may help with constipation, bloating and IBS symptoms.

5. When playing sports or going to the gym, Adding honey to your water bottle gives you an instant energy boost. During exercising fructose helps maintain it as it is absorbed slower. • Great post workout revitalizer. One tablespoon of honey in hot water or green tea after a hard workout and see the difference immediately as it revitalizes you instantly.

Manuka Honey for Skin Hydration

Manuka Honey is a natural moisturiser.  It works by increasing the water content in the skin, replenishing lost fluid, preventing it from drying out, but even more importantly preventing further dehydration due to it's high viscosity.

Manuka honey is the active ingredient in all of Nature's Gold  Therapeutic products and skincare.



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