Is all MANUKA HONEY considered active?

Is all MANUKA HONEY considered active?

No, not all MANUKA HONEY has heightened antibacterial (active) properties. It needs to be laboratory tested to determine whether it is active and the strength of its activity level. Nature's Gold uses both NPA and MGO.

NPA  5+      =      MGO 83

NPA  10+     =     MGO 263

NPA  15+     =     MGO 514

NPA  20+     =     MGO 829

NPA  22+     =     MGO 975 

Low grade Manuka honey, although not high in Methoglyoxal, does have all the health benefits of honey with the beautiful distinct Manuka flavour.

MGO 30 is an ideal honey to use in your cooking, to give to the kids to give a natural source of energy and is great to add to your smoothies, drizzle over pancakes, crumpets or waffles, as it is an ideal natural sweetener.

MGO 83 is a liitle higher in methoglyoxal and is a good honey to take when you wish to start taking honey on a regular basis to help improve your general health and wellbeing.

MGO 263 is the strength at which the manuka honey gets quite active and is a great strength to take when you are suffering from health problems such as digestive issues, inflammation or cold and flu symptoms.

MGO 514 is a high strength manuka and is used to help fight infection.  This is a good strength to take orally or it can also be applied topically to wounds to help the healing process.

MGO 829 Is a hospital strength Manuka honey which has natural antibiotic properties.  Perfect to take when suffering from infection.  This is again the perfect honey to treat wounds and is even beneficial on animals.

MGO 1000 and above.  Our premium range of Manuka Honey in super high strengths
are extremely rare and very special.  We are only able to stock  small batch amounts when the bees provide it for us, so we recommend if you are looking for the highest strength Manuka Honey, please do get it while it's available.

Highly Recommend

"We used the Manuka honey MGO 829 level on one of our horses who had a bad hoof wound after cutting it open. We had to do bandage changes every 2-3 days for 3 months and all we used on the wound was this Manuka honey, we took photos every time to see the progress and even the vet could not believe how well the wound healed. Can't recommend this honey enough, it is a staple in our first aid kit for us and our animals."

 Nature’s Gold is delighted to stock our very own 100% raw Australian active Manuka honey. Harvested from the East Coast of Australia, every batch is University tested and awarded a strength rating. Our Manuka honey is available in different MGO ratings right up to a very potent MGO 1550.

If you have any questions please call us on 1300 309 128.

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